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A subject that no one wants to talk about but will have to be approached at some time. When a loved one dies, most of us simply want time to grieve, but instead have to focus our immediate efforts on sorting out and paying for the funeral.

This is an emotional time and can be a very distressing experience. Your family may not know your  funeral wishes, or not have the funds available to provide the funeral they would have wanted.

The average funeral currently costs over £3,500 and this figure is expected to rise to over £5,000 in the next five years, leaving family and friends with hefty bills to pay if it is not possible to access your estate immediately due to probate.

With a Funeral Plan, however, your family will have all the financial and emotional help and support they may need at a difficult time.

Paying for your funeral in advance means that your loved ones will not have the stress and expense of sorting everything out themselves, but you can also save thousands of pounds because you are buying your funeral at today’s prices. That means however much funeral costs rise in the future, you have peace of mind that the cost of your arrangements will be covered in full.

Croft Wills and Estate Planning use ‘Safehands’ funeral plans. They are endorsed by the National Federation of Funeral directors and are one of the industry’s most trusted Funeral Plan providers, plus one of the most competitively priced. For further information and preferential rates please contact us directly.

If you are sadly organising a funeral at present I can personally recommend Alan Kitchener retired Police Officer now conducting Humanist funerals as a celebration of life. You can find Alan's details at https://humanist.org.uk/alankitchener/