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You may have a friend or relative suffering financially as a result of being means tested for health care. We are able to help you structure your Will enabling you to retain some of your assets for future generations.

We start by converting the way you own your property to  'tenants in common' rather than 'joint tenants' this allows you to effectively choose who you would like to leave your half of the house to. With joint tenants, by the law of survivorship, the whole property goes to the survivor of the two of you. This is not always a good idea. If the survivor of you then goes in to care the whole house could be vulnerable to care home fees. By setting up a Property Protection Trust (PPT)  in your Wills and converting to tenants in common you can pass your share to whoever you want in trust. The surviving spouse/partner can still live in the property (or move) for their lifetime, and the beneficiaries of the trust do not fully inherit until their death but if ever there is an assesment of wealth,your half of the property will not be included in any calculations for means testing by the Local Authority should your partner need to go into care.

This is also a very useful Will trust if you pass away and your partner remarries or has more children. It ensures that whatever happens in the future, the half that was yours always goes to your children and not to your partners new extended family.